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Drawing from his education [Masters degree in Kinesiology - Sport Psychology (University of Victoria, 2019), Bachelors degree in Sport and Fitness Leadership (Camosun College, 2015)] and his experience in the multidisciplinary sport of Triathlon, Nick's passion for the mental and physical growth sport provides is preeminent in his work as a coach and trainer. 

Having traveled the world and dedicated his career to the pursuit of experiential and academic knowledge to help others grow using the tools provided in physical challenge. Nick has tested his mind and body in tests of mental and physical endurance, and continues to train himself, to never relent, in the process of constantly searching for better. Better understanding that success isn't winning, but in doing the work and learning and growing from the lessons learned taking the hard paths.

If you're looking for a coach who will support your big dreams, who will provide you space to grow beyond your expectations, and who will challenge your body and mind along the way, look no further.


Want to know more?

Okay, if you want to know more, here's more:

- I love Brandon Sanderson novels, the Cosmere collection in particular

- I've read the Wheel of Time series multiple times

- You likely haven't watched Fight Club, 5th Element, Donnie Darko, or Disney's Hercules as many times as I have.

- Magic: The Gathering is one of my hobbies outside of sport (the Invasion cycle is my favorite for lore, and anything around Dominaria)

- Time Travel and Infinity are two of my favorite contemplations. Give me your favorite book or movie suggestions, and I'll dive right in

- Jungian Archetypal philosophy is one of my favorite subjects; I love Joseph Campbell's Mythology research; the concept of identity as a social construct fascinate me. 

- I have completed one 10-Day Silent Meditation retreat, and I would love to do it again. The power of the mind is wonderful, and we hardly tap into it.

Nick's Reads

Here is a list of books Nick enjoyed and recommends.

*Some links may be affiliate linked, but check your local bookstore first!*
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